Oracle is still in it!

 Spetember 23, 2013

With two wins on Sunday, Sept. 22, Oracle is gaining wind!

Sitting at 8-1 on Friday, who would have thought by Monday Oracle would win four in a row.  Looks like Team USA is refusing to give up that one final race that New Zealand needs to take the cup home.

After struggling to keep up with New Zealand in the early matches of the final series, Oracle made changes to its AC72 catamaran and improved crew execution, setting the stage for a historic comeback.

Too much wind, too little wind and wind from the wrong direction have forced many cancelled races.  Friday’s first race was called due to not enough wind to finish race on time!  Oracle then went on in the second race to soundly thrash NZ, leaving them behind by 1minute and 24 seconds.

Friday I headed out to the Marina Green to make sure I saw one last race before the event was over.  Little did I know that I’d get the opportunity to watch all weekend long and possible into this week.  We had a lovely day out on the green, it made for a great afternoon and then a great night in Cow Hollow.

Go Team America!!



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