Our Hometown Hero’s – The San Francisco Giants

September 29, 2014

                “Captain Underpants” or “The Reverend” we are throwing love Pence’s way


What a great pre-season and season, AND now we are heading to the World Series.  I love my Giants.  Enjoyed a few games at the Park, much love to clients with season tickets!  The above picture is at the August 17th game versus the Phillies, 5-2.  Great game and it was trading card day!  YEA!!!!


                                  This one was pre season with my dad and both kids.                                                                                      


I won’t bore you with the other pictures BUT I will go on and on in the next posts  with what will be the road to the 2014 World Series Champs………….Our Hometown Hero’s… The San Francisco Giants!



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