Slip ‘n’ Slide on Potrero Hill

October 6, 2014 



Did you see the Bare Naked Granola slip n slide back in June?  If so you would have caught my commercial acting debut.  Though like most I’m sure you blinked and missed me!

The kids and I were minding our own business when the location scout rang the doorbell asking to use our deck to film.  I wasn’t impressed, they blocked my corner off and were wasting a TON of water.  But it was my kids who convinced me to do it and in the end we used the $50 allowance for allowing them to film to buy lunch at the SoMa StrEat Food Park.  Yes all $50 bucks was spent, food trucks are expensive!




You can catch my blurring image 38 seconds in the right corner, inside the green house opening the blinds!  Then my shining glory comes to the little screen at 45 seconds in when you can FULLY see the deck!!  I know, I know I should quit bragging and just get my SAG card.

Here’s the video,


Pictures taken by my daughter who would have loved to slip and slide that day.


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