Teeing Off

June 30, 2012

When it comes to golf I’m a hack, I play best ball and find my golf enjoyment in a stroll around a beautiful course with friends.  Of course with a beer in hand, hmmmmm there’s a lot of talk about beer on this blog.

With that I really love golf, it’s a great game.  I enjoy playing with my kids, with my friends, by myself and even my mother!  When things get tough I head to the course, after 9 holes (18 is just to long unless I’m avoiding something or someone) life is a whole lot better. Because I’m a hack I do not get caught up in my score or my swing, etc etc and probably play a little bit better than some because of it.  But I hate my driver, hate that damn club, I veer off to the right, I veer off to the left, inconsistency should be the name of that club. Until I got a few tips from the golf pro at Lake Almanor Country Club.  Thank you Rick, here are his simple tips.

1. Swing Easy.  Nothing can be better for your game than learning how to swing the club easier and more fluid.  Concentrate ONLY on swinging easy, it’ll position yourself for a good approach shot when you get onto the course.  You’ll make a more consistent impact with the ball and it will reduce the amount of side spin you naturally place on the ball because the club head won’t be traveling as fast or with as much force.  I know you want to hit that ball hard and fast, but don’t, it’s a waste of strength and effort.

2. Switch to a low spin ball.  Lower spin off the tee means that the ball is going to go straighter, regardless of “your veer”.  I’ve been using the Maxfli Noodle and the girlie in me loves that it comes in a variety of colors, remember it’s all about the stroll around the course for me and a cold beer.  Titleist DT Solo and the Precept Laddie are good, but for distance and a great spin, Noodle all the way.

I realize this all sounds over simplified, but it’s not.  When I am at the range my mantra is, “slow and easy, slow and easy”.  I swear it will work, try it and tell me what you think.




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